Site Lighting


B&B Electric makes sure your entire facility is served, from inside to outside lighting. We handle parking lot poles, wall pack-type security lighting, sidewalk and entry lighting, decorative, building façade and flood lighting, flagpole, and signage lighting. We handle with initial design that includes drawing creation in both AutoCad and Visual formats and 3 dimensional modeling in Visual, to layout to installation and service.

Some other features of our Site Lighting Service:

  • photometric layouts and modeling to show compliance with requirements for lighting levels, spill light, and energy usage (important for Ashrae and IECC energy code compliance and local government requirements)
  • completion and submittal of code compliance documentation such as ComCheck, required by most Plan review agencies
  • modifying existing installations to improve energy usage and lighting levels
  • side-by-side comparison with our modeling and layout software to show energy usage improvements before we do the installation
  • after the sale service and installation  with installation log of fixtures for our regular customers to quickly repair, replace and service any fixtures we install

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