Electrical Testing, Thermal Imaging & Scanning


Electrical Testing

B&B Electric’s team of highly trained technicians offers project management, design, compliance auditing, power system studies and complete field testing services for acceptance and maintenance of electrical power systems and equipment. As a member of NETA, (National Electrical Testing Association), we ensure your system is safe to energize, meets specifications and the equipment is operating according to its intended design.

Thermal Scanning

Infrared scanning identifies the presence of abnormal heat in electrical and mechanical systems, which helps prevent equipment trouble before it starts. It gives you a detailed photographic record of any problems detected, so you can take action and keep your business running. B&B Electric uses state of the art infrared camera, software, and real-time images for a highly accurate analysis of your electrical system.

Why Choose Us?

We SAVE YOU MONEY with avoiding equipment failures and emergency repairs, reduce downtime, and  improve your system’s efficiency.
We SAVE YOU TIME by identifying areas that need preventative maintenance, avoid service disruptions with non-invasive technology, and use technological advances that are faster and more accurate.
We identify fire hazards and reduce risk system failures

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